Monday, 25 April 2011

Etsy's Taste Test

There's been so many different changes to Etsy recently that I've been a bit slow to try some of them out. One of these changes is the implementation of the taste test. In order to access it, you need to be logged out of Etsy and then you are offered a selection of different items. Any of those that you like, you click on and Etsy somehow works out similar items that you might like.

However, like everything else on Etsy, these items are limited to a few out of the many hundreds/thousands for sale and therefore there is the whole question again about admin promoting their favourites and many, many sellers being ignored.

My biggest gripe is that I now can't get rid of the taste test off my front page and the items are exactly the same as they were a few days ago - great advertising for the chosen few.

Have any of you tried it? and are any of you one of the featured sellers?

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Weekly Round Up

This week I've decided to add to the earrings in my shop. I've been working with czech flowers with pearls for bracelets and think it's time to add to my earrings with a new Posy range. Some of these earrings will match the pearl cluster bracelets in my shop, others while others are simply using up spare flowers :)

First up are these delicate Pale Pink Pearl and Flower Cluster Earrings. I hope to make a matching bracelet for these this weekend.

Next I've made these Denim Blue and Black Floral Cluster Earrings to match this Bracelet

And finally, Champagne Crystal, Latte Floral and Pearl Cluster Earrings
which are made to match this Bracelet

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Etsy Fee Calculator

I came across this handy etsy fee calculator on the Etsy forums and thought it that's a useful link to bookmark.

Sometimes it's hard to work out if you're losing money or making a profit when you are deciding on pricing. This great calculator takes into account both Etsy fees and your Paypal fees as well as shipping costs.

Give it a go, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Catch Up

First off, apologies. It's been forever since I blogged. March was completely manic, both personally and on Etsy. I hade multiple orders for bridesmaids jewellery and in fact, it was my best month yet selling online.

Personally I was in Scotland for 2 long weekends with old friends, which was brilliant :)

The disadvantage of big custom orders is that I get so little time to make new items. I've been trying out a new range of pearl cluster bracelets with czech flowers, like this Golden Brown Floral and Pearl Cluster Bracelet

I've also been finding some new colours of pearls, which always surprises me as I think I've got most of them covered!I've found these lovely pinky-coral pearls and combined them with faceted glass beads for added sparkle.
Coral Rose Sparkling Pearl Cluster Bracelet

And finally, a new pearl cluster necklace in an elegant off white.