Saturday, 31 July 2010


I found out about craftweasel when browsing the Etsy forums and thought it was worth sharing.

One part of the site offers a 'shop stats tool', where you simply enter your Etsy shop name and it supplies you with loads of valuable data, such as a graph of your tags with most views/day (pale pink), a graph of your tags with the highest price (necklace) and a graph of your most-used tags (bangle)

The other part of the site is the 'tag finder tool' which -
"helps you choose the best set of tags for your Esty items. Tag finder will generate graphs showing the price and views per day of items with your query, as well as on related tags. This lets you see which tags will be likely to bring the highest number of views to your Etsy items."

It lets you see a distribution of prices, graph of related tags with most views/day and related tags.

I put in Pearl Cluster Bracelet and had a chuckle to find that AMIDesigns is rated one of the related tags to use :)

Friday, 30 July 2010

Friday Round Up

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by how much needs done and what little time you have to do it in? That's it what I felt like this week. So many things that I want to make, so many beads just lying waiting on me and no time to do it! I'm going to have to sit for a (long) while this weekend and just craft, otherwise I'm going to be one miserable sod :)

I've decided to make a range of earrings that are designed to specifically match my Bubbles bracelets. My earrings don't as a rule sell well online, but when I do custom bridesmaid orders, I get a lot of requests for matching earrings, so I figure it's about time I had some that people can see. Here's a selction of what's on offer, with more to come -

Amethyst Pearls on Sterling Silver Hoops

Champagne Pearl Glitter Dangle Earrings

Silver Pearl Oval Drop Earrings

Any opinions welcome!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Back from my Hols

Well I'm back from my lovely holdays is glorious Cornwall. Contrary to most weather forecasts, we actually had a great fortnight with only a couple of wet days and a few showers. So we ended up spending loads of time on the beach, with the kids and Andy body boarding

and me reading my way through 5 books!

We visited all our favourite places, including St Ives -

Fowey -

And one of the highlights of my hols was meeting up with the lovely Steph from Six Skeins It was my first meet up with another Etsian and our kids had a lovely time too :)

Friday, 9 July 2010

Weekly Roundup

This week I've been working on more custom orders and slowing down generally as I go on a 2 week vacation to Cornwall. I'm shutting up both my shops while I'm away as I think 15 days away is just too long to be open but unable to ship or maybe even respond to convos, as our interent access will be so limited.

This week I've been featured on this lovely website - by Jen from NimiJewelry This Teal, Blue and Aquamarine Pearl Cluster Bracelet is the featured piece.

I won't be blogging again till my return from hols, when I hope to have some lovely photos :)

Friday, 2 July 2010

Friday Round Up

This week I've been busy with custom orders. We go on holiday to Cornwall next Friday so I won't be taking on any more custom work after the weekend - hubbie would kill me if I took beads with me on my hols!!

This week I went back to my roots and made this Honey and Amber Memory Wire bracelet

I also added this Silver Shimmer Memory Wire Bracelet

And finally, I've got a new Chocolate Brown and Turquoise Bubbles bracelet