Friday, 18 December 2009

Friday Roundup

This week I've been busy with family things. My daughter had a concert at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast on Tuesday and then we spent Wednesday night in Dublin at the Miley Cyrus concert. I could spend an hour writing my comments on the concert but I'd hate to waste your time with my negativity :D

I was delighted to find myself featured in a Storque article this week. My Gold Bubbles Pearl Bracelet was featured in the Vote for the glitziest New Years Eve glamour article.

To match the bracelet I made this Gold Bubbles Necklace

Apart from that I have just been starting to make items to replace the ones I've sold. I had 140 items in my shop at the start of November and now I have 65. I just haven't been able to keep replacing the ones that have sold, so now things are slowing down, I will be spending my time making up stock again.

I've added a Sale section to my shop, so if you want a last minute Christmas bargain, check it out!


  1. WOW! What a perfect pair for ringing in the New Year. I'd gathered some crystals for a New Year themed jewelry piece...and got so caught up putting together my new store and making Christmas presents, that I'm afraid I just didn't make it :( Oh well...there's always next year!

  2. Lovely work. Now my curiousity is up about the concert.:)