Thursday, 14 January 2010

Wish List!

I'm not a red lover - I avoid it like the plague to be honest - something about red hair clashing with it, but after reading one of the Storque articles on garnet, I could change my mind.

So for my first Wish List for January, I've picked some garnet items that I covet.

The first is this Crinkle Silver and Garnet Ring by Marajoyce

Next up is this lovely Cable Knit Lotus Purse by efran

And finally, how about this stunning Sanguine Drop Necklace from Polestar

So check out these gorgeous items and the other garnet items on Etsy and Folksy


  1. ooh i love red! My fave colour. Nice stuff there!

  2. gorgeous things ami! i hope you get them :)