Thursday, 29 July 2010

Back from my Hols

Well I'm back from my lovely holdays is glorious Cornwall. Contrary to most weather forecasts, we actually had a great fortnight with only a couple of wet days and a few showers. So we ended up spending loads of time on the beach, with the kids and Andy body boarding

and me reading my way through 5 books!

We visited all our favourite places, including St Ives -

Fowey -

And one of the highlights of my hols was meeting up with the lovely Steph from Six Skeins It was my first meet up with another Etsian and our kids had a lovely time too :)


  1. Looks very picturesque, hope you've got a nice tan now!

  2. 5 books, wow that's impressive in 2 weeks, glad the weather was good to you all.

  3. Yay - lovely pic! Glad you had a good holiday. Hope you didn't get my horrendous cold - it's just easing off now with the help of antibiotics!