Monday, 18 October 2010


I've been especially poor at blogging this past couple of weeks. It seems that when things start to get busy at home blogging falls by the wayside, so note to self - must try harder!

I've decided to have another week long sale, in an effort to clear out old stock and generally offer customers a bargain. I've 2 different sales sections, a $5 Dollar Sale section for memory wire bracelets and a Half Price Section for Pearl Cluster Bracelets.

Chocolate Brown and Pink Pearl Cluster Bracelet now $13(~£8.35)

Lavender Pink Freshwater Pearl Bracelet which is now $16 (~£10.27)

Moss Agate Chips Memory Wire Bracelet which is now only $5($3.21)

So if you are doing some early Christmas shopping or just want to treat yourself, please have a look :)


  1. Gorgeous bracelets! Off to have a look at your sale now as I know how beautiful your jewellery is!