Friday, 21 May 2010

Friday Round Up

We are mid way through May and after a busy busy start to the month, I've had a pretty dead week. I suppose that's the way with online selling, but does anyone else get a little voice whispering in their ear - you'll never have another sale again??

Anyway, I have made a few new things this week.

First up is this Multi Coloured Glass Disc Memory Wire Bracelet made from 2 sizes of flat disc beads.

Next is this Jade Green, Purple and Pink Cluster Bracelet which is a mix of pearls and faceted glass beads.

And finally is a new Montana Blue and Gold Bubbles Bracelet


  1. That bubbles bracelet is breathtaking!

  2. Oh my, that last one is really stunning. I've had a pretty slow week too, but it seems to be picking up now (*knocks on wood*) - let's hope for the best for the weekend!

  3. Thank you :) I had a couple of custom queries yesterday so hoping for a busy weekend!

  4. I have that voice everyday. . . Last sale on Folksy was December and I have been promoting everyday. . . I am wondering what to try next. I am lost with it all. . .
    I hope you busy up a bit. Someone has to be successful and it's obv not going to be me. lol.

  5. lovely as always. Particularly like the blue and gold one :)

  6. Beautiful summer bracelets Ami.
    Yes I too get that voice, but every day is a new day and who know's what will happen.
    Hope the custom order comes through trumps for you. ;-)