Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday Round Up

Since the New Year I've been working on 3 large custom orders. I'll post some pics of them next week when I've got them all finished.

This week I've decided to add a few more earrings to my shop. I've never had massive success selling them on Etsy (or Folksy) but since I've listed some to match my bracelets, they've been selling reasonably well.

Firstly I've listed these Bridal White Teardrop Pearl, Rhinestone and Handcut Crystal Earrings


As I'm going through a bit of a rhinestone phase I've also made these Bridal Swarovski Ivory Pearl and Rhinestone Fireball Dangle Earrings

I haven't given up on bracelets completely though, so I've added this Blue Pearl and Rhinestone Fireball Memory Wire Bracelet

We've been having some very bright, sunny and cold weather here this week, which makes taking photos on a white background impossible, so I've had to take them on a dark background. Never thought I'd be anxiously scanning the skies here for a little bit of cloud :)


  1. I love those rhinestone cluster beads. You can never be too shiny :)