Thursday, 20 January 2011


I realised today that I'm in over 600 treasuries. Which is amazing! Some of them are very beautiful and I'm so flattered to be in so many.

However, it also struck me that I'm rarely featured on the Front Page. In fact, checking craftcult, I've been on the front page a total of 26 times since they started The Vault in 2009.(I think)

The interesting thing for me was to find that I made the FP 7 times last year, while I made it 19 times in 2009.

So what has changed? My photos are better now if anything. I'm featured several times a day in new treasuries.

So could all those hundreds of threads in the Etsy forums about FP favouritism for certain curators/sellers be right?

A very old thread by AREjewellery from April 2009 was resurrected this week in which she did an analysis of the FP over a 24 hour period. And guess what, things haven't changed at all in the almost 2 years since that thread was written.

Thankfully I don't and never have relied on front page exposure, or any type of exposure such as being featured in the Storque or an Etsy Finds email for sales, as I am one of those many thousands of Etsians who still sell without admins support. However wouldn't it be nice if admin just admitted that favouritism is alive and well on Etsy.


  1. Wow, that is sort of a weird phenomena! Since closing up my shop (temporarily or maybe for longer) I kind of like that I stopped worrying about whether I'd end up on the FP and just kind of sit back and enjoy them for what they are. That said, I think you are more than FP worthy!!!

  2. Aw thank you :) I've more or less given up all hope of getting on there again soon