Saturday, 5 February 2011

Etsy Forum...

...and other changes.

Maybe it's because I'm over 40 that I'm generally resistant to change. Or mabye it's the speed of the changes on Etsy this past few weeks, but I'm wondering if anyone else is struggling with all the changes?

Some are no doubt for the better but others appear to be change for change sake. And more worrying than anything is the lack of response and information from admin.

I read this (now closed) thread which may just have generated a bit of unnecessary worry, but it got closed with the usual 'everything we do, we do for you' admin response. My understanding is that the only way your items will now be searchable on Etsy, is through your tags. Previously they were searchable through title, descriptions and tags. Which made you more visable if you used them cannily. How canny can you be with 14 tags?

What do you think? The changes are for the better? Or why fix what's not broken?

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