Friday, 3 February 2012

Catch Up

OK I'm not even going to try and make excuses for my lack of blogging throughout all of January - that's a new low even for me!!

January was my busiest month yet on Etsy. It appears that with Christmas and New Year out of the way, brides to be have been doing some serious wedding planning and my sales last month were twice what I took the entire first year I was Etsy. It appears that my bling range has been a bit of a success and sales of that style far surpass either that of the memory wire bracelets or the pearl cluster range.

I've introduced a personalized element with this Birthstone Ivory Pearl Bracelet which seems popular with brides and for their bridesmaid gifts.

I've also been working on some bracelets using matching colours, like this Hot Pink and Tangerine Bling Bracelet

and this Turquoise and Red Bling Bracelet

I'd appreciate some ideas for more colour matching if anyone has tips for hot colours this spring/summer :)


  1. These are gorgeous!!! I'll have to order one from you soon.

  2. I love the sherbet of pink and orange, really zings! As for not blogging...mine was last updated in December *shame on me* so I totally understand!

  3. They are lovely. The red and blue automatically made me think of help for heroes though.
    Green and something, pink? Purple and Orange?
    I love catching up with your blog.

  4. Thanks for the ideas :) and I shall try harder to keep blogging LOL

  5. Well done you! Your work is fab - do you sell on Folksy, too?

    I'm doing a Folksy Friday blog post this week, with monochrome as the theme. Do you have any black-and-white items listed that I could put in?

    I always prefer to use items from people I follow! xx

    1. Hi and thanks :)

      I do have a sadly neglected Folksy shop that doesn't have any black and white items in at the minute - thank you anyway!

  6. Hi there Ami, well I've just done my first blog post since mid 2010 so I am way way way behind you!!!

    Those bracelets are *just gorgeous*, I love the colour combinations you've used!

    One of my favourites, maybe not fashionable but stunning anyway, is teal and purple with copper metal. Also deep rose and cream with gold metal.

  7. great post! I loveit! =D
    stunning blog

  8. They are all SO pretty it would be SO hard to choose! I love the lavender, but I would probably choose white so that I could wear them with EVERYTHING!
    Real Shoppee

  9. They are all SO pretty it would be SO hard to choose! I love the offwhite bracelet.
    Pearl Jewellery