Monday, 7 May 2012

Spring Madness

Since January 1st my shop has been madder than a mad thing.

I have had 315 sales, which averages out nearly 80 sales a month, and as most of those have been for multiple items, it's been a bit crazy!!

I realise that it's due to Wedding Season and am not sure when that will slow down, but I reckon pretty soon. Then no doubt I shall bemoan a lack of sales.

Since I last blogged there have been more changes on Etsy. I followed the whole reseller-as-featured-seller fiasco in the forums and am waiting to see how the rushed-in-to-cover-up the said fiasco Wedding Categories fiasco will pan out. I am one of the lucky ones, several of my bracelets are being featured in the bridal party category. I understand how completely frustrated other sellers are though, as tomorrow I may be one of them and not featured at all.

I've also received my first negative feedback. From a buyer in the US who was unhappy that her item hadn't arrived with her in 3 working days. Etsy admin refused to change it as they don't judge the fairness of feedback, which means that international sellers on Etsy will always be vulnerable to unfair feedback from buyers who have unrealistic shipping expectations. I have now added to all my listings, as well as shop announcement, policies and a follow up convo, that I am in the UK and therefore shipping times will be slower. And I must say, maybe it was me being sensitive after that big red neg, but many of my lovely buyers leaving feedback after it have gone out of their way to comment on speedy shipping considering I am international - so thank you!!

So I thought I would share some of my new items that I've got in my shop.

Navy and Coral Bling Bracelet

2 Strand Ivory Pearl and Rhinestone Bracelet

White Pearl Rhinestone Earrings


  1. wow you have been busy!! It's worth getting married with such lovely jewellery on offer :-)

  2. Gorgeous as always!
    Don't take the comment to heart too much frustrating as it is. :o)

  3. Thank you - I was more frustrated with the system in the end

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  5. Nice and beautiful handmade jewelries

  6. I love them all, but the last piece you pictured really brings out the beauty of Pearl to me. The blossoms, the pearls, stunning without needing to be over the top.
    Real Shoppee