Thursday, 18 June 2009

Blog award!

Last week I was delighted to receive the "One Lovely Blog"award from Suzanne at
Thank you Suzanne for considering this a lovely blog!

Suzanne has a shop called Nurses Naturally on Etsy selling a lovely mix of jewellery, skin care products and has a unique paranormal range that definitely needs checking out!

I am to pass it along to 15 other worthy blogs so here is my list -
Visual Diary of a Virgin Blogger


  1. Thankyou for my award, how lovely to be lovely! I will try to get round to passing it on next week, not sure I can come up with 15 but I will try my best!

  2. Congrats on the lovely blog award! I couldn't agree more :)

  3. Well done on the award, you deserve it. I'm chuffed to bits you've included me! I shall certainly pass on the joy.

  4. Aw thanks! Well chuffed. Will get to work on my selection vey soon!
    moll x

  5. Aww shucks *blush* thank you for being lovely and giving me a 'lovely' award x

  6. Thanks for the award also!!!