Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Featured Seller

Todays featured seller is Nicola from Nicknots

What is your name/business name?

What is your craft?
Sewing, I mainly make project bags, which also make great make-up bags and knitting needle rolls but I also make bags for little people, tote bags and PE bags.

How long have you been crafting for?
I remember using my Grandmas knitting machine when I was 6, she taught me how to make bobbin lace when I was 7 and have been sewing for years. I used to annoy my sewing teachers no end when I was doing my GCSEs because I was incapable of sticking to a pattern and because I used to help (or rather make for them!) the boys patchwork cushions or whatever we were making at the time because I had finished mine. I started sewing properly for Nicsknots just over a year ago.

What is your most favourite thing about crafting?
Being able to work around my family and when they are finished, taking a step back and enjoying the finished item. I love all of the lovely people I have met, both customers and other crafters and the variety. Every day is different.

What is your least favourite thing?
Not being able to switch off. When I am trying to work out a new design, I can't sleep, I have to keep faffing around until I am happy with it.

Where do you get your inspiration?
It depends on what I am making. With my 'Lucy' bags, my inspiration was my little girl, Lucy, who loved bags and wanted one like Mummys so I scaled my totes down and made it work for little people too.

Where do you sell your work?
I'm a bit of a shop tart..I started off with a shop on Etsy then Folksy because I wanted a UK selling platform then MISI and Coriandr. I also sell some of my knitting related things to shops such as Fyberspates, Brownberry yarns and KraftyKoala.

Anything else you'd like to tell us about your business?
This last year has been a very steep learning curve. I am really enjoying myself and have met some lovely people but it has also been really hard work, I never seem to get enough done every day and hate having people wait for things they have bought, I aim to have things in the post, the same day that it has been bought.
My website: http://www.nicsknots.co.uk
Folksy: http://www.folksy.com/shops/Nicsknots
MISI: http://nicsknots.misi.co.uk
Coriandr: http://nicsknots.coriandr.com
Fyberspates http://www.fyberspates.com
Brownberry yarns : http://www.brownberryyarns.co.uk
KraftyKoala : http://www.kraftykoala.co.uk

Thanks to Nic for answering my questions! Now go check out her gorgeous shop


  1. I love Nicsknots colourful work and it's great to see a seller with so many shops. Wow, that's great!

  2. Thanks for featuring me and my shop :)

  3. Sorry! That was, commenting on Dhs account. Thanks for featuring me and my shop :)

  4. Wonderful Interview! Wow, It's amazing that she can keep up with that many shops. I'd love to know how she does it and which one she has found to be the most successful selling venue..?

  5. Excellent feature - such a cute shop!

  6. Great feature! I fell for a mini tote for my friend's little girl, they are so sweet and she loves it!

  7. I have a bag from Nicsknots and it is fabulous. She is very good at communication too. Great advert for MISI/Folksy etc