Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Shop Sales

To have a sale or not have a sale - that is the question.

I've participated in sales in my online shops on several occassions, sometimes with modest success and sometimes with none. I've had One Day sales, twitter followers sales, end-of-season sales and SNS sales.

If anyone is on Etsy you've probably realized that they are promoting the 2nd Etsy Yart sale this week. What is a Yart Sale? Well, it's a Yard + Art Sale, hence the title. It has actually warrented a Storque article and I'm noticing lots of pink avatars popping up all over the forum tonight.

As I'm never able to resist a bargain myself, I've decided to have a Yart Sale myself and have spent tonight getting together a Yart Sale section in my shop and adjusting prices, tags etc.

So I'll let you know how I get on over the next few days and if it brings me any sales. Here's some of the items in my sale -


  1. I've only had a sale section in my shop and removed that after minimal success with it. Your jewelry is wonderful. I'm sure you will do well.

  2. I am having a sale too, I am tired of looking at it so anyone who pops by must be too. I do not list a lot of things on my pages as it is time consuming and costs! and so tend to put a few things up at a time. I think I will change that tho' and just put up everything and hang the expense!!
    Good Luck Alison

  3. hi there, I've not had a bite on sales yet, either. I even thought the Americans didn't like paying my shipping from the UK so had a free international shipping month. That was the only month I have had NO sales. Hmmm...
    Keep us posted on how you do. I love your stuff, so I am sure you will do well. maybe tagging for 'yart sale' will help. I didn't do that with mine, it's such a palava!


  4. Hi Alison, good luck with your Yart Sale! I'm quite a newbie with my blog, and not quite brave enough yet to venture into setting up an Etsy shop, but had a good look at other people's shops and loving what I see - if nothing else it gives me good inspiration to make more of my own goodies!

    I want to let you know as well that I've tagged you! Go have a look at my blog to see what's going on, hope you join in and keep it going! Enjoy, Jo x