Friday, 31 July 2009

Friday Roundup

Before I went on holiday and shut my shop for a fortnight, I was a bit unsure if it would affect sales. I've read several posts in the forums about how taking a couple of weeks off can kill a shop for several weeks.

So I'm pretty relieved that my shop seems to have survived intact. I've had 3 sales since I reopened the shop on Sunday, which is above average for me! Not only that but I came home to a custom request for 8 Bubble necklaces, bracelets and earrings. What makes this even nicer is that is from a repeat customer who has bought some of my work before and liked it enough to trust me with her bridesmaids jewellery!
This is a great custom order in that every set is to be different and the bride-to-be is making the colour choices.

For this set she has chosen Silver and Pewter glass pearls together, which I think is a stunning combination and I may have to use again!

The bride-to-be also designed the earrings and I'm happy how they have turned out.

I also bought some more pearls in different colours and made up this Blueberry Bubbles Bracelet last night.

Once I get the custom order finished I'll be making up some other Bubbles bracelets with my new pearls which I'll show off next week!

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  1. All gorgeous gorgeous pieces. Love the blueberry especially :)