Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Paid Advertising

For the first time ever last week, I paid for an advert on Craftopolis, the site that allows Etsy users to see if they are in a Treasury or Gift Guide.

I've debated long and hard with myself about paying for advertising and read many forum posts about it. On the one hand, there are people who swear by it, on the other people say it's not worth it.

I paid $15 for a weeks advertising and have been pleasantly surprised by the response.
According to Google Analytics, I have had 70 visitors to my shop from Craftopolis. My shop hearts and item hearts have gone way, way up and in the past week I've had 6 sales on Etsy, which is 3 times my weekly average.

However, did those buyers find me from my advertising? I don't know. Because not one of them has an Etsy shop so there was no reason for them to be on Craftopolis on the first place!

So would I pay for advertising again?

Yes I think I would. I'll look into ProjectWonderful and see about doing some non-Etsy related advertising to see if it increases sales.

I'd love to get some feedback, positive or negative of other peoples experiences of Project Wonderful too.


  1. I bought my first craftcult ad this week, dipping my toes in. I noticed your ad on craftopolis and thought it was a really strong image.

  2. thanks Querc! I'll be interested to find out if you've noticed any difference with your ad

  3. Hello there Alison...

    Very interested to read this as I too have been deliberating over paid advertising. I am still undecided. But anyway, CONGRATS on your success and sales, well done hun...


  4. i've been thinking about advertising craftopolis...thanks for sharing!

  5. I've seen your add on crafopolis, it really stands out, and well done the extra sales :-)