Friday, 3 July 2009

Friday Roundup

The best thing to happen this week was for me to get my new camera up and running, so I could retake some of the worst pics of my jewellery. I discovered that with my hubbie 'rebuilding' the computer, that photoshop had been wiped off, so I uploaded Picasa which is free from Google. Picasa is a photo editing tool, which gives you the ability to lighten pics. This is invaluable when trying to get a white background and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

I've been having more success with my Bubbles bracelets this week and am working on an order for 6 Caviar Bracelets.

I've also been making some new memory wire bracelets, including this Cobalt blue one.

and something a little different, this Pink and Purple Pearl one.

Some of you who follow this blog may remember my post Creative Gene way back in April. Well, my sister Anne has started blogging, so for those of you who are interesed in the life of The Pineapple Tart check it out!


  1. Photos are looking great, do you use a light tent? Just got one as an early b'day gift and am having a day of re-taking my photos, hoping it will reduce the time it takes to get decent photos . . .

  2. lovely pieces, i've got to retake most of my pictures now i have figured out how to use my camera

  3. no i just take them outside in the shade Laura, though I'm tempted with a light tent too for the darker months

  4. Hello Ami
    Thank you very much for sharing Picasa with me, I just downloaded and installed the program and I have created my first collage and I love that, I need more exploring but so far so good, I like the way it has consoldated all the pictures. Thank you for sharing..have a fab day..oh and great bracelets the colors..cya MonikaRose

  5. Thanks Monika, glad you've found Picasa useful

  6. Hi, meant to mention GIMP to you, another free image software which is a bit more photoshop like,
    I use it a lot!
    Again, beautiful jewellery, beautiful shots!

  7. The pictures look great, I'll have to check out the Picasa program!

  8. Beautiful, bracelets.

    Happy Fourth, Alison.