Tuesday, 8 September 2009


I got some really lovely presents for my birthday at the weekend, but I was especially touched by the scrap book my Mum and sister Louise put together of my 40 years.

I have kept photo albums through out the years but they are the type that have sticky pages and scrawled notes on them. I had a real laugh recently looking through my angst-ridden ones from my teenage years complete with torn up photos and letters from boys who had dumped me!!

This one is just stunning and I wanted to share a few of the pages, though the pics aren't great.

This one is from my earliest childhood, complete with birth card and baby photos.

This page is one I'm most proud of. The 'N Ireland' and the Red Hand of Ulster are from when I represented Northern Ireland in a National Cross Country race. Also on this page is a couple of less than flattering newspaper photos documenting my race wins.

On this page there are pics of me and my hubbie Andy, from our earliest days to more recent ones. The one on the bottom left is taken from our first year formal at Uni when I was 19 and Andy 18. I even have a stunning curly perm!

And finally, one of my friends. My best friend Jane, my hen weekend and the Scottish gang.

I just wanted to say, Mum and Lou, I really appreciate the time, effort and energy you have both spent on making this for me.


  1. what a thoughtful present - and a real treasure for you to enjoy time and time again :)

  2. First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sorry I'm 3 days late in saying that :( Secondly, what an amazing scrapbook. With the few pages you've shared, I can tell they put an incredible effort into it. What a present to treasure. I wish I could sit down and page through the whole thing!!!

  3. Aww, that's a really thoughtful gift! The best! Happy Birthday to you and thanks for sharing :)