Tuesday, 1 September 2009

It's a Writing thing

I've been tagged by Anne from The Pineapple Tart Anne is a publisted author and I'm not so sure some of this may applies to me.

What word do you use too much in your writing?
My main writing is either descriptions of my bracelets so 'chic' is a bit overused, or emails to friends so 'me' is a bit too popular as well

Which words do you consider overused in stuff you read?
'mavarick', 'enigmatic' and 'compelling'. I usually can't stand characters that are described like that as it usually means they are prats

What's your favourite piece of writing (written by you)?
I wrote a short story for a competition in a magazine once which of course didn't win. But I still think it's a great story.

Regrets, do you have a few? Is there anything you wish you hadn't written?
My biggest regret is the essay I wrote for my A level English exam. It was called 'Was Gatsby Great?' Just before the A levels my teacher Mrs Donnelly had given us a sample essay of that very title and I never, ever read it. The essay I wrote on the day was total rubbish and earned me a D. My biggest regret without doubt.

How has your writing made a difference?
No unfortunately

Favourite words
"You have to leave feedback for 20 items" (In my dreams!)

Least favourite words
No feedback needed

Do you have a writing mentor, role model or inspiration?
My sister Anne. She got her first book published in her early 20's and keeps coming up with new ideas.

Writing Ambition?
I'd love to get a short story published

I'm going to tag 3 people -


  1. AAH! You got me :) I'm posting a feature today, but I PROMISE, I'll post my answers to these questions tomorrow.

    It's so interesting that your Gatsby essay still lingers with you. I think back on most of my high school and college essays and I think they are rubbish! Something about them seem to say "I wrote this to get a grade"...nothing all that inspiring.

  2. Thank you for introducing me to the word "prat" ha ha! We don't use interesting words like that here in the US. I share your feedback dream :)

  3. oh I could introduce you to lots more interesting words :D

    re The Great Gatsby essay, I've often thought about repeating my whole A level, but I'm far to rusty now. A big regret

  4. PRAT. how funny, I laughed out loud.

    'my favourite word' etsy Transaction. :-)

    -I hate leaving feedback. -

    Have a lovely day ahead Ami. :-))

  5. I'm so impressed with the fact that you've submitted to contests and publications! And I officially love the word 'prat!'