Friday, 10 December 2010

Friday Round Up

Today is the last Christmas shipping day from the UK to USA, so in effect international Christmas shopping is over. Although my sales have been steady throughout November and December they haven't been as mad as last year. Maybe it's because there are so many new sellers on Etsy, maybe I just need to rethink my marketing. In fact, maybe I need to consider marketing LOL!

I've not been making many new things for my shop, as life has a habit of running away from me at this time of year. However I have some old things back in stock.

This Red, Silver and Grey Memory Wire Bracelet is back in my shop.

And making a return is this Burgundy and Silver Pearls Memory Wire Bracelet

And finally, a new thing! Purple and Pink Pearls Memory Wire Bracelet



  1. lovely colours, alison :) though i can hardly believe Christmas is upon us so quickly... eep!

  2. It's scary isn't it! And before we know it, it will be all over :(