Friday, 15 May 2009

Fridays Weekly Round up

As it is Friday it's time to get a round up of what I've been working on all week. Unfortunately I've been having real problems with my camera and think I'm going to have to invest in a new one. As well as the one I normally use, we have a wee pocket sized one that we got to fit in my handbag a couple of years ago. However, even though it has a macro setting, it just isn't very good. As any one trying to sell their work online knows, photos are the one thing that draws in prospective buyers and if the photos aren't up to scratch, the buyers won't come.

Anyway, I have been crafting away as usual and got some new beads to make a few more of the Bubbles Bracelets. This one I called Irish Sky simply because it exactly matched the sky here this morning before it started pouring down.

I've got to admit I've been getting a bit disillusioned with Folksy over the past few weeks. The people I've met in the forums are brilliant but there is a general air of discontent that it is hard not to be affected by. I listed this Gold and Bronze Memory Wire Bracelet exclusively on there.

Over the weekend I'll think I'll be off camera shopping and if it ever stops raining, hopefully I'll get some of my other new creations listed next week


  1. Love the name and color of Irish Sky! Its so pretty. Would love to visit the Ireland one day!

  2. Really pretty I love the Irish Sky. I have tagged you if you want to pop over and see :)

  3. I do not go on Folksy forums anymore as they are all a bit fed up and we usually compare how badly our sales are going. I prefer to be a mushroom!!
    I like you blog, how do you have the discipline to only go on once a week, or is it you have a life!!

  4. I really admire your use of multi-sized pearls and colors in one piece. Nice job!