Thursday, 14 May 2009

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Today my son Jamie turns 8. I find it hard to believe that it is 8 years since Andy, Alex (then 2) and I sat in the sunshine on Troon beach waiting for me to go into hospital to be induced. Jamie was the most placid baby, the worst toddler and now is the most loving, generous and funny boy.

He is full of mischief and his favourite hobby is irritating his sister but tells me a dozen times a day that he loves me and comes into bed every morning for his 'morning snuggle'. Thankfully as he can now read the time this is happens at half 7 rather than the half 5 it was for many years! His favourite food is cold custard, he wears his socks in bed, his hands are always warm and he has already reached his 8th khu in karate. And I love him to bits.


  1. Happy Birthday Jamie, have a wonderful day and keep up the karate - well done on passing your recent grading.

  2. aw, he's gorgeous! and the spit of you. have a wonderful day xx

  3. Happy Birthday to Jamie!! He seems like such a sweet boy! I love how you described bits about him - both naughty and nice bits!

  4. aww. He does look quite mischievous!

  5. Happy Birthday from across the pond!

    Sounds like you have a lovely little boy. Nothing can beat their hugs and kisses!