Friday, 8 May 2009

New listings

I've decided that on a Friday I'm going to show off what I'm working on or what I've listed this week.

I've been quite busy with my Etsy shop this week. Since Saturday I've sold 6 items, which is really pretty good since I only had 7 sales there for the whole of the month of April! Yesterday I listed a necklace and bracelet which are a bit of a change from my usual.

Chunky Boho Bracelet and matching

Chunky Boho Necklace. I'm offering 15% discount if both items are bought together.

In my Folksy shop I have just listed a Salmon Pink Bubbles Bracelet

This is a variation in the glass pearls bracelets that I sell a lot of and I thought with wedding season just around the corner that I would add some more colours. I've had to take the photos on a black background as I'm finding that using a white background then photoshopping it, is draining the paler beads of colour and not really showing the correct shade.

I'd really appreciate some feedback on the backgrounds and if the black works well -thanks!


  1. 6 sales that is awsome! I love the boho jewellery, really beautiful xx

  2. The chunky boho set is FANTASTIC. Wonderful use of colour & shape, I adore them.

  3. Congrats on the sales this week, long may they continue, I'm lovin the colours in the boho jewellery.

  4. Great pieces! Congratulations on your sales! You are off to a great start and I am sure there will be more to come :) Love the colors that you have to your jewelry.!

  5. usual quality work hun,absolutely gorgeous!

  6. I really like your designs they are fresh and vibrant, my kind of jewellery!!

    Its so hard to sell jewellery in this competitive market so congratulations!!

  7. Cute color combinations! i love the wood in the boho one! ;)