Friday, 5 February 2010

Weekly RoundUp

I can't believe it is Friday again! I am so glad to have the third and final Relevancy Thursday out of the way as well. I don't know how everyone else has found it, but no matter how much tweaking of titles and tags, my items are nowhere near page 1 of the listings.

Anyway, I've been working on some new bits and pieces this week.

The first is this Honey and Amber Cluster bracelet which is hasn't a pearl in sight :)

Next is this Plum Cluster Bracelet which is a mix of faceted glass beads and pearls.

And finally, definitely one of my new favourites, this Copper and Burnt Sienna Memory Wire Bracelet


  1. oh that copper is stunning :-)

    relevancy is ok for me, it doesn't much matter whether you search relevant or recent as long as you search meerkat. trouble is - nobody much knows they want a meerkat, until they see one. so of course they don't know to search for one...tricky! it's very hard in jewellery though, I know.

  2. LOL nifty, I know what you mean! I just hope there is more advice given by admin as to how to improve titles etc

  3. OOH, I really love the color combo on the plum bracelet. SO rick looking :)

  4. All those bracelets are gorgeous, and beautifully photographed!

    I share your feelings re. relevancy thursdays... 'terrible thursdays' as my boyfriend dubbed it... this week was definitely better than the first two but still decidedly iffy.

  5. Ah thank you! seriously if even you are having issues on a thursday Ruby then it must be a bad idea!