Tuesday, 14 September 2010


I've got to admit with the new treasury east and the easy way of finding out if you are featured in a treasury, I've not been looking at craftopolis recently.

However I stumbled across an unrelated forum post that mentioned tagging and found that craftopolis' tag report allows you to see how people are finding you through Etsy search.

You just need to sign into your Google Analytics and you get the choice of finding out over the past 60, 30 or 7 days, yesterday or today.

It will give you the search type (usually handmade for me), search terms eg champagne, crystal, earrings and page found on, which I suppose lets you know what search page your item was on.

I suppose it's quite good if your items are in the top 10 pages of the search, especially for a jeweller like me with 1000's of us on Etsy, not so good if it's on page 93, like one of my bracelets! I just can't imagine anyone ploughing through 93 pages of bridal bracelets to stumble across mine :)

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