Monday, 12 October 2009


I love autumn. The cool, dry weather with the hint of winter frost. The smell of leaves burning and leaves changing colour. Lighting the fire in our front room at the weekend and the smell of the turf. Roast dinners replacing the bar b q and salads of summer.

I took some photos this week of the village where I live. It is not a picturesque village, but the surrounding County Antrim country side is gorgeous at this time of year.

This is taken at the end of the street I live on.

Across the fields.

In the garden of a neighbouring house.

The clocks will change in a couple of weeks and as the days become shorter and the weather colder, I start to look towards Christmas. I'm lucky that my children still believe in Father Christmas, so that in itself makes it special. However, I dread the period after Christmas when the lights stay on all day and the weather is usually wild, wet and windy.

So for now, I'm enjoying the mild autumn weather and the beautiful colours of nature at it's finest.

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  1. Lovely photos! I almost had a twinge of Christmas excitement reading that... almost!

    I hate the darker nights creeping in, but love snuggling down in front of the fire, stew and dumplings, steamed puddings, and that unmistakable smokey whiff in the air... ooops it's my stew burning!