Friday, 9 October 2009

Friday Roundup

Well this week I've been working on some necklaces. Don't get me wrong, I love making bracelets and never seem to run out of ideas for them, but I worry about prospective buyers getting bored with a shop full of bracelets. So I've stuck with pearls and made 3 new necklaces.

This Burgundy Bubbles Necklace is simply a variation on the Bubbles Bracelets in my shop and I will be working on different colours in this style over the coming weeks.

For this Silver Pearls Necklace I have used 12mm silver pearls with one 12mm caviar pearl as a focal point, handwrapped on black headpins and attached to antiqued silver chain.

And finally I made this Olive Pearls Necklace with 12mm and a focal 10mm olive green pearl on finer antiqued silver chain.

I find necklaces much harder to photograph than bracelets so I'd love some feedback!


  1. Great idea! I love the Burgandy Bubbles necklace - and I think your photos look great. I always appreciate jewellery listings to specify if the metals are nickel-free though. :)

  2. That's a good point Steph. They are all nickel free - maybe I should put that in the listings or even my shop announcement.

  3. Is that your beautiful neck in the photographs?

  4. Unfortunatley that is my 40 year old neck in the pics! :D

  5. Lovely necklaces Ami, I made a vintage looking necklace with glass pearls in shades of gray, crystal spacers, am]nd a simple glass bead bracelet tjh=his week, and am working on a peyote stich design in black and red, nit sure whether it will be a bracelet, hat band, or necklace yetx

  6. The photos are really good and your necklaces are lovely, I especially like the burgandy bubbles one too