Wednesday, 21 October 2009


A couple of weeks ago my sister Anne came home from Bahrain for a long weekend. She is a writer, has had several books published and as a result was invited to attend our old school prize-giving as Guest of Honour.This meant she had to give a speech.

She did really well, got lots of laughs and I'm sure inspired some of the school kids to persue their dreams!

This pic was taken of us 4 sisters and my Mum on the evening and made it into the local paper.

Lesley, Anne, me, Louise and Mum


  1. Lovely pic - hope you got a copy!

  2. Thank you :) Got a copy all framed already

  3. Congrats to you sister! Cute photo!

  4. gorgeous photo, you all look really young, you must take this after your mum,

  5. The wee red head in the grey frock - she reminds me of somebody...