Thursday, 8 October 2009

Etsy Front Page!

I was delighted to wake up to increased views and hearts on Tuesday morning as a result of making the Front Page in this gorgeous treasury by RecycleRabbit. My memory wire bracelet is on the left hand side of the second row.

A couple of weeks ago I had signed up to the
Statsy Featurator which will send you an email letting you know when you are featured on the Front Page. Sure enough, I got an email letting me know. I'm going to do a blog post dedicated just to the Statsy site as it's full of really fun and interesting data!

As these things seem to go, after appearing on the FP my latest treasury made it to the Front Page last night too - and even better I was logged on and saw it! Thanks to Clare from ClareBears for getting the screenshot for me.


  1. congrats ami! they are both lovely front pages :)

  2. Alison, well done! it's such a fab feeling, isn't it?

    not heard of that statsy thing - off to check it out right now. I love new gadgets....