Friday, 30 October 2009

Friday Roundup

Well, I'm glad I decided to restock my Folksy shop last week, as I've had 4 sales in it! I've gone a bit mad as usual over buying beads, so have vowed not to buy anymore until Christmas, unless I really need to. I'm not sure yet what constitutes 'needing to' buy beads, but I shall be testing my resolve!

I have left some new items into the shop I supply and there were only 2 necklaces that haven't been sold since I last gave them some, so I'm well pleased.

This week I've been quite busy making up new bracelets for my online shops and have been swearing at the weather! As I take all my pics outside the persistant rain we have been having here is making photo taking especially difficult. I have been dashing out between showers to try and snap off a few shots - not ideal.

I have long thought about a black and white Bubbles bracelet and this week have finally made one. I called it the Guinness Pearl Bracelet and am pretty pleased how it has turned out.

I also made this Dark Olive Bubbles Bracelet which is a mix of glass pearls and Gutermann Haiwiian Beads.

And finally I made this rather bright Black and Emerald Green Memory Wire bracelet with a view to all those parties coming up.


  1. 4 sales...nice! My October sales are non-existent, though I did make several Christmas gift items that I sold off Etsy, so I guess I have that :)

  2. Thanks, I'm well pleased as my Etsy sales haven't been as good this month