Thursday, 22 October 2009


A few weeks ago I discovered a brilliant site called Statsy, so I thought I would do a blog post about what the site has to offer.

The first thing is the Locator. To quote, "The Locator searches Etsy search results for an item and tells you on which page and what place it is, and it will even give you a link to the result! All you need to do is enter some buyer-like search keywords and your listing's ID, click Locate! and you will receive your answer in seconds!"

Another thing you can find out which is good fun, is your biggest fan. Just put in your shop name and you'll find out who hearts most of your items.

The other thing that Statsy will do is email you when you make the Front Page on Etsy. The . You just enter your Username and Email and sit back and wait for the email!

There's a couple of other features on the site that are worth checking out, so go have fun!

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  1. Thanks for that brilliant link! Just tried 'your biggest fan' and got a couple of (nice) surprises!

    Em ♥