Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Bead Fair

If I was to do a random poll asking what the best bit of crafting is would you say

a) the designing of a new piece
b) selling what you've made
c) buying new supplies

What would you say?

I'd answer (b) closely followed by the buzz I get from (c). Buying supplies

Twice a year there is a fair held in Northern Ireland which sells supplies for crafters. And it was held last weekend. I only found out about it at 2pm Saturday and it finished at 5pm but I managed to speed along and spend a couple of blissful hours spending far too much money on new beads.

Above is a small selection of what I've bought and I've been busy creating lots of new things for my shop. Watch out for lots of new items coming up soon :)


  1. I must be really sad. I think I like the bead buying part! Selling is awesome, but no where near the rush of browsing a bead shop!!!

  2. I am with AlyGatr. I love the new beads and the feel and the look and seeing them all stung still. Yum!
    I went to a fair in Newmarket and bought some vey similar looking beads, lol. Great Minds!

  3. I'm looking forward to see what you create with them!

  4. Oh they look like sweets, have fun creating. ;-)

  5. LOL! so glad i'm not the only one who gets excited spending money on new beads :)

  6. I love browsing for new beads, either online or in a shop or bead show.
    Your beads look lovely especially the ceramic ones :D