Monday, 12 April 2010


Last week Andy and I went with the kids to London. We lived in Oxfordshire for 3 years in the 1990's and have wanted to take the kids for a while. They are 8 and 11 now, so perfect ages to enjoy the sights.

Unfortunately we got off to a rocky start, with Alex getting so uptight on the plane that she was sick. Then she was reluctant to take the lift in the hotel, though after I'd climbed the 11 floors to our room once, I put my foot down and even though we had to stop at each floor, she was eventually OK about it.

I'd definitely recommend taking the open top bus tour if you've never been to the city before. It's a brilliant way of seeing the sights and learning a bit of the history. It also included a trip up the Thames, which the kids loved.

The boys did the London Eye -

and we spent Wednesday morning doing a tour of Westminister Abbey. There is a kiddies trail to follow, so that kept Jamie occupied throughout.

We also visited the Imperial War Museum, the Natural History Museum and the London Tower. And the kids favourite bit?

The hotel swimming pool LOL!


  1. Crikey! You packed a lot in! Glad you had a good time.

  2. oh I love London,
    have not been there since Years,
    but I would love to!!!!!