Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Treasury East

I'm sure most Etsy sellers are now familiar with the new treasury east, which is in beta at the minute and the start of things to come, treasury wise.

Today admin have decided to devote the FP entirely to treasuries from here as opposed to those from the main treasury, treasury west or admin curated treasuries. I have 3 on the go at the minute but my favourite is this one - The Coreopsis Effect

I have mixed feelings about treasury east. On one hand I really like that it doesn't need flash to access the treasuries, so it's much quicker. I also really like that you can see the first 3 items of each treasury in the lists. But that's about everything I like.

I dislike that we can't find out which treasury east we are featured in, that there are currently 359 pages of treasuries (and 20 treasuries per page), that some of those treasuries have no items in them, that there is no expiration date, the 'hotness' of a treasury appears to be completely random, that you can't click easily on the items featured and the clicks don't register half time.

It's obvious my 'dislike' list is much longer than my 'like' list but I do appreciate that they are just testing things out and I'm sure it will improve soon.

Well, that it will improve sometime :)


  1. I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

  2. I have had a Treasury burn out recently so I haven't tried out the new East yet but I can see were all your dislikes are coming from.
    I hear this a lot so I hope it will improve soon.