Friday, 23 April 2010

Friday Round Up

I don't know if things are starting to get back to normal views wise on Etsy, but I've noticed a definite upturn in sales again this week, after a pretty slow spell. I hit the 500 sales mark and have had a run of repeat buyers, which always pleases me as it means they like my work enough to come back for more!

I've been having a lovely week creating new pieces with the beads I bought at the bead fair.

One of my favourite bits is this Discs and Cubes Ceramic Necklace I did have a bracelet to match but it's sold already!

I've been using gemstone chips on memory wire again and am pleased with the results. This moss agate chips wrap is a gorgeous green.

And finally, how about a bit of bling for the weekend? I couldn't resist these starburst silver tubes, which are perfect with memory wire. Silver and Crystal Memory Wire Bracelet


  1. More fab things - lovely as always. Hope business continues to go well for you.

  2. Beautiful, I love the necklace! xx

  3. Those ceramic beads are SO distinctive. I love them.

    CONGRATS and WOO HOO on sale #500. That is something to celebrate! I hope you do something fun to commemorate it. I'm just hoping to hit 50 this year :)