Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Testing, testing

For ages now I've been meaning to learn how to take a screenshot, eg of a treasury I've been featured in. Today someone in the forums posted a link to how to take a screenshot. One thing it leaves out is that you need to press F11 on your keyboard to make the page bigger before saving it to paint.

So I gave it a try and voila!

This is a gorgeous Peacock treasury I'm in at the mintue made by chaseylacey.


  1. Beautiful Treasury! I had a friend who was one of the admins for the Etsy Front Page Flickr group (that recently got deleted by Flickr). She taught me all the tricks :) I'm glad someone shared the info though...with your help on the F11 trick :)

  2. i noticed that had been deleted! Wasn't sure why. It's been bugging me for ages that I couldn't do it and it's still not perfect, but it's a start :)