Tuesday, 15 June 2010


I stumbled across this interesting link in the Etsy forums last week - it's was for Craftcount I may have mentioned it in an earlier blog post but it was mentioned in relation to paid advertising and I took a better look at what it has to offer.

It basically offers a summmary of the top sellers on Etsy and breaks it down further into 'Overall', 'Handmade', 'Supplies' and 'Vintage'

It wasn't just the sheer volume of sales that these sellers have made that surprised me - 83453 sales for the top supply seller Yadanabeads, 30049 for the top handmade seller TheBlackApple - but that I recognised so few of the sellers on any of these lists!

Even using the option of selecting top sellers by country and putting in 'UK' I only recognised 14 out of the 44 listed.

So what you might ask? Well, it kind of shows that maybe I should spend more time creating and less time browsing the forums for one :D Also, it shows thats you don't need to be one of the admin favourites to sell well on Etsy (though I do think it helps)

Check the site out - it will either inspire or depress you!!!


  1. Interesting site - thanks for the link!

  2. wow, can't believe the number of sales they get!!! and here I am hopnig for just 1 haha!

    thanks for the link :)