Friday, 25 June 2010

Friday Round Up

Today is a very big day in our house. My daughter Alex leaves primary school. This week we went to her new school for her induction evening and last night we were at her Leavers Night at the Primary. I felt a little bit sad last night that she really is growing up and starting a whole new era, when she will turn from a little girl into a young woman via the inevitable nightmare teenage years. But I have no choice, she is ready and raring to go - it's me that needs to let go :)

This week I made the deciscion to reopen my Folksy shop. I haven't really added any new stock since Christmas but I've decided that I will give it another go. I like the fact I can refer people to a shop that sells in pounds but there are still a few things about the site that need work on. It remains extremely slow for one and I have still no idea how they decide where an item is in search - I have to hunt through several pages of listings before finding any of my items, even newly listed ones. I've decided to list only a few of the same items as in my Etsy shop, such as a few Bubbles bracelets, but will mainly do a different line of jewellery.

I've listed a few necklaces on Folksy including this Teal and Turquoise Cluster

I've also listed this perfect summer Chunky Boho Necklace

I haven't completely forgotten about Etsy and have been listing some new memory wire bracelets like this Peachy Pink Shimmer Memory Wire Bracelet


  1. pretty new things :)

  2. ohh I do like the teal cluster.
    I have an 'appointment' this afternoon for a cluster and earrings set. Reading between the lines my neighbour wants to come over for a brew as she is home alone right now and is using jewellery as an excuse. lol.
    Looking forward to seeing more of you on Folksy. I am not brave enough to attempt Etsy, I don't do conversion and all that jazz very well.
    Fiona @ Christals Creations

  3. thanks Fiona :) hope the 'appointment' goes well - and the chat!!

  4. Greatings from one European to another! Your pictures are really good! I love the blue cluster! You may enjoy my blogpost from today! Please, come over and visit.
    Hope the match Germany and England is a good one! =)

  5. They grow up so fast! I'll be sad when mine get that big.

    I LOVE that Boho necklace! The rose bead is just so pretty.

  6. I know I've said this before but your photographs are stunningly good! All really beautiful pieces, the teal and turquoise cluster is especially gorgeous, those are some of my fave colours.

    Good luck with your re-opened Folksy shop - know just what you mean about the searches, it's a total mystery...

    And hope all goes smoothly when Alex goes to her new school, it'll be a huge change in all your lives. I can actually still remember all the preparations for getting me to my senior school and the feeling of excitement at getting nearer to being "grown up".

  7. Ah thank you :) I think that Alex will be fine in her new school, it's just me having to adjust to her growing up!