Tuesday, 22 June 2010


and the feeling is easy!

Living in Northern Ireland our weather tends to be a bit wet, a bit windy and rarely lovely.

But over the past few days it's been absolutely glorious! Instead of sitting inside in the evenings, I've been outside with a book in the evening sun, enjoying every minute of it.

Alex took some pics of the flowers on our patio last night -

Yesterday was the longest day of the year. Can't even bear to think that the days start to get shorter now :)


  1. it's nice when the longest day is a good sunny one (never works to celebrate it when its pouring down!)

  2. Wow, seriously? Then again, you are pretty far north! Here in Texas it's hot, hot and more hot. Seriously, I'd trade you. In a heartbeat. I took the kids for a bike ride at 8 am and we came back soaked in sweat. ICK.

  3. Totally different here Aly - this has been the best summer in a few years! We've actually got up to 23 degrees :D