Thursday, 11 March 2010

I've Been Buying

I've been buying from fellow Etsy sellers again this week.

Firstly I bought myself this lovely Purple Flower Hair Clip from BigBlueBed It makes me want to go back to Barcelona and sip sangria on Los Ramblos - perfect for summer holidays!

I also treated myself to a pair of earrings from my featured seller from a couple of weeks ago - AREjewellery

They are beautifully made and I wore them as soon as I got them yesterday


  1. ello lovely! are's earrings really suit you, and lovely alix's new snaps :)

  2. Ah thank you!

    And I love ARE's earrings too.

  3. lush buys! i love the colour on the earrings - it reminds me of sunny summer holidays! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  4. Lovely colour of those earrings - you blog is very cool, so glad I found you through another blog :D