Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Revenge of Lady Muck

Now you might be wondering what on earth The Revenge of Lady Muck is! Well, its my sister Anne Dunlops newest novel and is on sale now from Amazon.


This is Annes 7th novel and features one of the Gordan sisters that were featured in The Pineapple Tart,A Soft Touch and The Dolly Holiday

So what is the book about? Well, to quote Amazon -
Escape to the country with this fabulously funny tale of Lords, Ladies and lessons in love...Can you find a prince without kissing a few frogs? Sensible schoolteacher Sarah Gordon used to think so. But now she's so over her ex-fiance, childhood sweetheart Ian, she wishes she'd never been under him. Besides, she's too busy for love. Until tasty toff, Good Evening Ireland presenter Rupert Glass shows up at the Farmers' Club barbecue and all of a sudden Sarah's struggling to keep her cool. And when her sister's wedding to a local farmer unexpectedly throws them together again, it looks like romance could really blossom. But Sarah's about to discover it takes more than a four-leaf clover to be lucky in love...

With people thinking about getting away for Easter holidays and want an easy to read, entertaining novel I'd recommend this one. And no, I'm not on commission :D


  1. Oooh my nextdoor neighbour where I used to live was called Anne Dunlop, don't think she was a novelist though! Congrats to your sister on her new novel! :)

  2. Congratulations to your sister-must be wonderful being a published novelist!

  3. We are all very proud of her :)

  4. That is so awesome and the book sounds great! I hope it does well.

  5. Oh, how exciting, congrats to your sis,