Saturday, 18 April 2009

Bead Fair

For the first time ever, I went to a bead fair this morning. It was the Stitch and Creative Craft Show at the Kings Hall in Belfast. Northern Ireland holds many craft fairs but this is the only beading fair I've come across.

I went along with my sister Louise, who makes cards and scrapbooks, and Alex my 10 year old. Straight through the door and I knew I was a goner! The most amazing bead stall with rows and rows of tempting beauties! I normally buy my beads from a couple of local craft shops or on the internet, but there is nothing quite like seeing beads in the flesh, so to speak.

I had set myself a budget and was very determined to stick to it. So I bought some beads that I just don't have access to normally. Ceramic, millifiori, cats eye, silver foil, glass pearls, seed and bugle beads, metal - I couldn't resist!

After we had a cup of coffee and Louise took Alex off to look at some beginners cross stitch, I went back for a second time and er, bought just as much again!

My husband just told me that my 'head was cut' and went back to the gardening when I got home and showed him all my lovelies. Can't wait to get started making!


  1. excellent! i'm so glad you weakened and went back! makes me feel better not being the only one because that's *always* what happens with me too. i'm sooo jealous i couldn't go with you but it's great that you had such a good time. it's like shopping in aladdin's cave, isn't it?!! yeah!!

  2. Oh I know that feeling. Beads even *feel* lovely!

  3. Ohhh...they look gorgeous. I love the idea of a bead fair, though I have tons of beads. It's a little known secret that I used to make jewellery. I did it as a student to supplement my grant. Then when I was pregnant four years ago, I made tons then. It's all bagged up and some day I may sell. Now I use the beads for textile art, which I should also list to sell one day.

    Anyway, I digress. I can't wait to see what you come up. I Twittered you earlier, let me know if you get any job from it..


  4. hey Lorrie, you're a woman of many talents then! I've started creating with them, having lots of fun!!

  5. they look gorgeous! can't wait to see your new designs!