Tuesday, 28 April 2009


One of the things my hubbie and I have in common is a love of shopping for home furnishings. Yes, I got a man that does love shopping! We will happily spend time browsing round shops but that's become more difficult since our son is a complete nightmare when shopping. So I've been looking more and more on the internet and at the minute it's cushions that are attracting most of my attention.

A few weeks ago when I was making a treasury for Etsy, I found AlexandraFerguson and fell in love with her work. It seems I'm not the only one who likes her work as Alexandra was recently the featured seller on Etsy.
How fantastic is this Be Nice Or Leave pillow?

I also really giggled at Go To The Gym as this is something I am stuggling to do. Maybe if I had this to look at every morning I may be inspired!

The second shop I love is that of pipdesigns. Although Felicity who runs pipdesigns sells on etsy, ebay and her own website I've chosen a couple of cushion covers from her folksy shop to feature, as she has bargains on there to be snapped up at the minute!

This Retro Black & Red Flower cushion cover caught my eye as it is so elegant.

I have a real love afair with spots and if anyone has looked in my shop, they will know I also have a passion for blue, so this Retro Blue and Brown Spots is perfect!

The final shop I'd like to feature is that of HelanaCarrington. One of the things that I love about this shop is the wide variety of quirky designs available. This Campervan pillow brings back many happy memories of our holidays in Cornwall and my son would love us to get one. Of course driving from Northern Ireland to Cornwall in a campervan would take about 3 days longer..

And finally this other great passion of mine, which is coffee drinking. This fabulous Cappuccino Cushion just makes me want to drive to the nearest M&S for a frothy coffee.


  1. Great cushions, the be nice or leave is fab, I may hang one over my front door!

  2. love them! you can *never* have too many cushions :)

  3. yeah I love her pillows or cushion too, really nice design

  4. DANG sorry wrong name again lol ,, that's your name lol,,, let's try again , what i meant was Alexandra :)

  5. Those pillows are amazing!! I love the top one - would make a great saying on a t-shirt for a friend of mine.

    My hubby and I think alike when it comes to shopping too! We both don't like it.

  6. Those are beautiful cushions, especially the two retro ones by pipdesigns. (I love cushions but with two cats we have to be a bit careful about what fabrics we choose, as in the smoother the fabric and the more tightly woven it is the better so that they don't get their claws fast in it!)

  7. Gorgeous collection of cusions! And how did you find a man who will shop for furnishings?

  8. LOL Helen, he's definitely one of a kind :)

  9. Really love the ones by Pipdesigns - they would go really well with some wallpaper I have some samples of for our bedroom. I have added her to my favourite shops on Folksy - thanks!

  10. Oh my gosh! I NEED the "Go to the Gym" pillow!!!