Monday, 6 April 2009

Been busy today

I've had a busy day today, listing new items on both Folksy and Etsy.
First up is my new Amber Wraparound Bracelet in my Etsy shop.For this memory wire bracelet I've used brown and amber glass beads in different sizes and shapes. The bracelet wraps around the wrist 4 times.
In my Folksy shop I have listed a new Amethyst Wrapaound Bracelet. For this bracelet I have used a mixture of purple, plum and pink glass beads on memory wire. This bracelet will wrap around the wrist 4 and a half times.


  1. Both of these bracelets are lovely. I love the bigger beads on the brown one! =D

  2. Love the colors of both of them! very cute! ;)

  3. so where's this fabled giveaway then? ;-) lovely bracelets, of course!

  4. have you found it nifty? above this post

  5. I really like all your wrap arounds, but my fav is the amethyst one, but I am in a bit of a purple mood at the mo!