Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Interview with MooreMagnets

Last night when I posted a thread in the Etsy forums, the lovely April from MooreMagnets was really helpful and I decided I'd like to make her the first featured artist on my blog.

Your name/business name? April owner/creator of Moore Magnets

Where do you live? I live on 7 acres in central North Carolina surrounded by cattle and horse farms.

What products do you sell? Mainly I sell Magnet boards, but I am starting to branch out into office accessories, and I will soon be collaborating with a vinyl graphic artist for another look on my magnet boards.

Of all the pieces you have made, which is your favourite and why? My favorites change all the time depending on fabric that I see, and fabric that I buy. My current favorite is this one

I just really like the cool blue and the graphic nature of the trees. I am hoping to buy some more of the fabric to decorate my office with, but you never know, I might find a new favorite when I am fabric shopping =)

How long have you been crafting? I have been making things my whole life - I remember taking a pottery class as a summer camp when I was about 5 years old. I have always longed to have a pottery wheel. I also remember making a telephone out of a shoe box because my parents wouldn't let me have a phone in my room. As I got older I wanted to get into woodworking much more. I had a bit of a set back when all of my power tools were stolen from my mother's storage room. However, luckily I married a man who doesn't mind buying me power tools =) I have been making magnet boards and frames for over 5 years.

What inspires you to make the things you do? Initially my inspiration came from trying to find cool furnishings for my boys' room. Now, most of my inspiration comes from walking through the office supply store seeing how drab and boring everything is, customer requests, and the hardware store.

How do you promote yourself? I blog, I purchase ads on various blogs and websites, I participate in other's blogs, and I give out samples and business cards.

Do you blog? Yes, you can visit my blog at

Where can people see/buy your work? (include links so that people can find you) Currently my most stocked shop is at Etsy - but you can also find me at Artfire, my personal website, and various craft shows in North Carolina.

What do you do in your spare time, other than crafting? I would love to spend more time scuba diving. I am a certified stress and rescue diver and master diver, but having children has made that past time a little difficult. I love to garden, swim, visit with friends, and play with my 3 boys. I am also an avid pool (billiards) player.
Tell me anything else you'd like me to mention. I am so glad that I found Etsy. It has really given me a chance to branch out. I have also been challenged by all of the amazing work on Etsy, and the talented artists there inspire me daily.
April's work is lovely and her shops are definitely worth a visit!
Thanks to April for answering all my questions.


  1. Good Morning Alison! I have a Kreativ Blog Award waiting for you on my blog!

  2. Nice interview!!!! Nice to get to know a bit more about our fellow bloggers/artisans!

  3. Great interview! It is great discovering other crafty etsians!

  4. Thanks so much for the feature!

  5. I love your site! The layout is fantastic and your interview was awesome! I'm so glad other people are featuring other etsy artists. That way we can all help each other.