Thursday, 2 April 2009

Bit of a rush!

This summed up my day from start to finish really. After taking the kids to school (without one PE kit) I walked the dog, went through my emails and headed to the gym. However by the time I got there I realised I'd never make lunch with my friend, so instead of pumping iron in the gym, I had a shower!

Rushed into Belfast and was only 5 minutes late to Avoca for lunch. If anyone has been to Belfast or plans to visit, they must go into this shop! It has the most amazing clothes, jewellery and odds and sods. On the first floor is the restaurant and deli. After a not so fattening lunch of goats cheese, salad and er, chunky chips I remembered it's my 15th wedding anniversary - I was a child bride :) - and bought hubbie an Avoca cookbook. He loves cooking so it was a nice pressie for him!!

Got home in time to collect the kids from school and drive to my parents. We visit them once a week after school. After living in Scotland for 12 years, we only moved back to Northern Ireland 2 years ago and the biggest reason was for family. So I drive 35 mins to Mum and Dads so the kids can spend time with them and their cousins. The other lovely thing is Mum always cooks me dinner that day. Have you sussed yet that I hate cooking and like to encourage others to do it for me!

From Mum and Dads to my son's karate. Finally got home and poured myself a nice glass of white wine. Cheers!


  1. Sounds like you had a busy day! You make beautiful jewelry! I like your shop!
    I would love to see Scotland- I bet it's gorgeous!

  2. Happy anniversary! LOL at going to the gym for a shower. They have just started doing free swimming for all over 60s at our leisure centres and gym and I pondered how many would use it for a free shower ;) Free buses, free swims and showers, what next ;)
    Your day sounds fun.

  3. You're so right Nic! Wonder what they'll think of next for them.

    Thanks Karen. Scotland is stunning. We lived in Troon on the west coast which was a brilliant place to live. I miss it alot.

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    Glad you finally sat down and enjoyed a nice glass of wine.

  5. Sounds like a lovely day. I've been rushed off my li'l ol' feet all day, so rounded it off with a wee dram in the local wine bar with my girlfriends - hoorah! Now, definitely off to bed...

  6. Ahhh Belfast! I do miss NI a lot! Especially on days like today when my Mum has just sent me a pic from the North Coast! Thanks for the 'hello' and Happy Anniversary!

  7. thanks for your comments thumperdd and vintage girl

    laura, nice to 'meet' someone else from NI!