Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Blogging Virgin!

At long last and after lots of thinking about it, I've decided to start blogging! Not to sure yet what I'm going to blog about but hopefully it will be a mix of family life, my crafting and my general views on life.

I'd like to feature other crafters as well and show off their work.

So to start off I'll show what I've done with my morning once Jack, our black lab had been walked in the woods above our house.
I made the above bracelet today, though was interrupted by a phonecall from the school to say my daughter was poorly. However as she has now asked for chocolate cookies, I'm not to sure how ill she really is!


  1. This is a lovely blog. Welcome to the world of blogging! My daughter is also off school unwell, she seems a lot better now!

  2. Thanks BBB! My daughter has had a cookie and now wants to go swimming. I think she's skiving! Glad your daughter is better now

  3. Welcome to blogland AMI I don't blame your daughter at all, I wouldn't want to be at school either when the sun is shining and there are cookies to eat!
    Louise x

  4. yes please, I'd like a cookie!