Friday, 17 April 2009


When I was little, my parents didn't have a huge amount of money and my Mum knit alot of our jumpers. She decided it was important that me and my 3 sisters learned how to knit, although she let my brother off! I remember a particularly fetching pair of sky blue leg warmers and fingerless gloves that I made. I'm not sure though if the gloves were fingerless because that was fashionable then, or if fingers were beyond my knitting skills!

When I started selling my jewellery on Etsy, I rediscovered the art of knitting. Not knitting myself, but the very talented knitters who sell their amazing creations on online.

So I've decided to feature 3 of the UK knitters and their work.

First up is ileaiye. Ileaiye makes a fantastic range of tops, hats, scarves, gloves, shawls and more. Her work has a real romantic, classy look. I especially love the fingerless gloves - made with much more panache that my sky blue pair all those years ago!- and this navy poncho

Next up is niftyknits. This shop is full of the most amazing knitted items, including hair accessories, jewellery, flowers, clocks and of course meerkats and Morris Dancers! I have no idea how one would even start knitting a Morris Dancer, but nifty manages it beautifully.

Finally, is moocowhandknits. Moocowhandknits has been the featured seller on Etsy and with her luxurious hand knits, it's no wonder! She has a great mix of shrugs, scarves, slipperettes, wraps and even legwarmers!

A couple of years ago my daugher decided she'd like to learn how to knit and managed a scarf for her barbie. Looking through these 3 great shops, I'm tempted to get out the needles again and see if I can make something. One thing is for sure though, it will never make into my shop!


  1. i love all three of these shops - and i have my very own custom mootank! can't knit to save my life tho *hangs head in shame* but really hoping to learn this year!!

  2. oooh I love moo and aleaiya's work! it's amazing how knitting can become such different products, isn't it? Good luck with the scarf!

  3. Ami,
    Never say Never,
    But be warned, if you take out those knitting needles, your beads might not see the light of day again. :)

    Thanks for a really lovely article.

  4. lovely blog post. I couldn't live without my needles

  5. Glad to see that you're getting in touch with your recessive knitting gene! might find yourself with another passion! (Thanks for the post!)

  6. Lovely picks!