Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday

Woke to the 3rd day of sunshine in a row, which if anyone has lived/visited Northern Ireland will know is a bit of a record!

I was delighted to find that a treasury I am in made by bayanhippo had made to to Etsys front page overnight!

We decided as the weather was so good, to make the most of it and take the kids and Jack, our black lab, up the north coast to White Park bay, a National Trust beach.
The kids and Jack had a ball

Unfortunately the traffic was typical of a Bank Holiday on the way home and a one hour journey took 2 and a bit instead! Oh well, I think it was worth it


  1. Goodness, the roads were mad today. We did our foodshop which wasnt nearly as much fun or a scenic as your day!.

    It looks wonderful though!!

  2. ooh, it looks gorgeous! and what a handsome dawgie Jack is :)

  3. Well done on the FP!
    That beach looks lovely, how great a day you must have had, Jack looks like he had fun!
    I hope the sun keeps shining for you
    Sarah x

  4. How wonderful! I haven't yet had the fortune of visiting Ireland, but it is on my list of places to go before I die! Congratulations on the Treasury, by the way, that's always an exciting thing to be on!

  5. Thanks! HipLobes, you shoule try and visit, its such a beautiful country :)

  6. Congrats on your Etsy Treasury! How did you find out about it?

  7. Someone on the UK thread saw it on the Flickr Front Page photostream Una Tia, though when I checked my shop stats, my views and hearts had multiplied!